Cheap Watches That Will Look Good

Watches are back into fashion after a short break when many abandoned them in favor of mobile devices. However, cheap watches undoubtedly remain in demand for both men and women. It can be accessories made in a sport, minimalistic or classic style. This review gives 5 possible options that will look great despite their affordable price.

1.  Casio MQ-24-7BUL: optimal functionality at an affordable price

Casio, one of the world’s leading brands, offers the MQ-24-7BUL model. This is a compact, lightweight option with a quartz movement. The watch can withstand pressure up to 3 atm. A traditional clasp is provided for fixing on the arm. The white dial is marked with Arabic numbers in a standard font and thin black hands.  Such a solution is universal and convenient to use.

Among the advantages of this model are:

  • splash protection;
  •  a quartz movement that works with high accuracy and which does not require manual winding;
  • light weight (20 g);
  •  polymer strap;
  •  the long service life of the original factory battery (more than 5 years).

 2.  Royal London 40118-01: the true โ€œEnglishmanโ€

The English model Royal London 40118-01 is an example of a value-to-quality solution. The model is presented in a classic version: a strap made of genuine leather, a dial is made using Arabic numerals. The model is waterproof. The main arguments in favor of the fact that this option is one of the most popular among affordable watches will be:

  •  the use of mineral glass, which is famous for its strength, transparency and relatively low cost;
  •  the case made of stainless steel;
  • accuracy (ยฑ 15 s / month);
  • the lifetime of the original battery is more than 3 years.

 3.  Q&Q Q680J202Y: reliable and affordable

In this model, the manufacturer managed to combine affordable price and compliance with high quality criteria. The Miyota mechanism is used in the configuration, which ensures the accuracy of the device within ยฑ 15 s / month. The bracelet is made of stainless steel, which provides reliable protection against corrosion.

The dial is reliably protected from mechanical damage due to the high strength of mineral glass. This is an inexpensive quality watch that allows you to use them in the rain or even in the shower. The model is very popular in the budget segment, so you should beware of fakes.


Choose a watch based on your own preferences. For example, users who prefer simple options will give their preference to Casio MQ-24-7BUL. For those who wear business clothes โ€” Royal London 40118-01 classic model will match perfectly. Those who want to look bright and stylish should consider Q&Q Q680J202Y model, which belong to a more expensive segment.

Believe or not, but you can find a good-looking watch for an affordable price. This is all the matter of taste. Which model responds to your requirements best? Share your follow-ups with us in comments.

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