How to Choose Wine in the Right Way

Wine is a key part of an ideal dinner. A glass of wine will match any dish and make it sparkle with completely new gastronomic notes. Unfortunately, when we come to a supermarket or a wine boutique, an ideal bottle of wine is not easy to determine. Here are the major tips to help you accomplish this task.

  1. When buying wine, pay attention to the place of its production. Detailed information is always indicated on the counter label.
  2. Give your preference to a younger wine if not considering wines for storage.
  3. Check what category the product is: whether it is made from grapes by fermentation, contains flavorings and colorings.
  4. The simplest, most basic rules for combining wine and food are color and density. Saturated white wine can be served with white meat, and light red wine with tuna or eel. It is better to accompany desserts with sweet wine since dry seems aggressive and even bitter in such a case.

What Should Be Considered If You Choose Wine in a Supermarket?

Firstly, get rid of prejudices about fake wines. All the wine is real: there is simply a better quality wine, as well as the worse one. As a rule, this is a matter of price and place of origin. Also, many believe that if wine is sold at a special price, then something is wrong with it. If wine is sold with a discount, it means that the supermarket just bought a large volume of wine at a very competitive price. It is in their interest to simply sell it quickly.

It is important to consider the origin of the wine. For example, when choosing a French or Italian wine, you need at least to know the regions. If you do not have such knowledge, focus on mono wines from the New World. The grape variety and place of origin are almost always indicated on the label.  

What are the Best Ones?

If you like light white wines, try Sauvignon Blanc from Chile or New Zealand. Dense wines are better to choose Torrontes from Argentina and Chenin blanc from South Africa. A dense oak-aged chardonnay from California can match white meat in a creamy sauce. The stereotype of the combination of red with meat and white with fish is not absolute: for light red fish matches both dense white wines, light red wines from Pinot Noir or Cabernet Franc from Loire Valley. Any young white wines with a floral, fruity and vegetable aroma, such as Sauvignon Blanc, will best complement light salads.

In conclusion, we would like to wish you new gastronomic experiments and not be afraid of them. Sometimes the most amazing discoveries happen to us in contrary to all recommendations. What is your favorite wine? Why? Share your experience in comments.

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