WeSeWriMo Frequently Asked Questions:

What exactly is WeSeWriMo, and who can participate?

WeSeWriMo is Web Serial Writing Month, an annual 31-day writing challenge starting on August 1 and running through August 31 that offers creators the ability to set their own ambitious goals: a certain number of episodes/installments, monthly or daily word counts ... it's all up to the individual. As far as who can participate? Anyone who produces a webseries or serialized online fiction of any format, whether it's text, audio, video, or graphic..
How can people sign up?

Joining is easy!

1. If you're not already a community member, sign up for a free EpiGuide account.

2. Visit the WeSeWriMo sign-up thread and add your name & project to the list.

Registrants are added to the official list and you'll get some free goodies, such as a blog, a banner, access to the WeSeWriMo forum where you can meet the other participants, and other extras.

But NaNoWriMo now has Camp NaNoWriMo! Why should I do this instead?

If you're writing a traditionally published novel, Camp NaNo is just the ticket. We love NaNoWriMo (many participate in it as well), and of course it was our inspiration for creating WeSeWriMo in the first place. But sometimes our ambitions want to draw outside the lines, and that's why we've moved online to stretch our creative legs. . WeSeWriMo is the only writing challenge created especially for new media projects, and the only one that lets you choose your own goal uniquely suited to your own unique creation. If you're interested in developing anything from websoaps to ebooks to webcomics to video webseries to Twitter fic to webfiction to internet radio plays to serialized novels and anything else created regularly for the entertainment of the online and mobile audience, this is the challenge just for you! Over at NaNo you're called a "Rebel" if you don't quite fit their guidelines. Here, you're a pioneer! WeSeWriMo is about breaking a new path in a new world of entertainment and publishing. Don't play by the rules--make your own!

Is there any benefit to joining? Why can't I just write on my own?

Of course you can take part in the challenge privately. However, if you do sign up, we offer some fun community tools and features for you to enhance the experience.
First, you'll get access to your very own Eppy-hosted Blog, where you can post about your plans for meeting the challenge and update us on your process once the month begins. You'll also be able to use our WeSeWriMo widget, a block where you can keep track of your goal.

Also, all participants can discuss strategies or encourage one another within our devoted forum for WeSeWriMo.

And if you create your user profile, you get your own cool WeSeWriMo banner to show off your participation in this new challenge.
What do I get if I succeed?
The satisfaction of a job well done isn't enough? Actually all who complete their goals successfully will get a little banner award.
How do you know if I succeed? Couldn't I just say I reached my goal and fool everyone completely?
Well ... you could, sure. But what's the point of that?
I heard the EpiGuide just focuses on text-based serials / online soap operas, right? What if my series is different?
To answer the first question: no, the EpiGuide community/directory covers webseries of every genre. Everyone is encouraged to discuss, promote or submit any type of series. So if your webseries is a gritty realistic podcast about vampire astronauts solving medical mysteries in the Wild West, welcome aboard! The more the merrier.
I thought 'webseries' referred only to video series. I write a serialized novel. Is this for me?

Yes! Text-based serials are now commonly called webserials, but previously were known as 'webseries' for nearly a decade, long before video series were popular. Now the term does usually refer to video series, but WeSeWriMo encompasses both formats -- along with audio podcasts, animation, and any other format that's serialized on the web and written. (So improvised material, or one-off works, aren't really suitable for the WeSeWriMo project.)

What about Virtial Series? My serial uses a screenplay format. Can I participate?

Certainly. We don't really use the term "Virtual Series" here, because in the EpiGuide community's view, original serials produced for the web are very real series, and calling them "virtual" seems to de-legitimize this form of entertainment. (Although the term "virtual season" does make sense for those fanfiction series producing unofficial extra seasons or spinoffs of a television show.)

However, it's really just semantics. Whatever a serial writer or crew member calls his/her production -- webserial, weblit, websoap, Virtual Series, webseries, podcast, webfiction, webisode, internet TV, cyberserial -- everyone's welcome!

Can I tell others about this event?

Absolutely! Please spread the word about WeSeWriMo so our participation can keep growing! If you have a blog, or are a member of any writing communities/groups, we'd love it if you'd consider posting about WeSeWriMo where appropriate (but only where appropriate! Please don't spam!).

If you're on Twitter, chat it up often and use the hashtag #WeSeWriMo (along with other useful tags such as #weblit, #webseries, #amwriting and #writegoal).

When posting, link to http://bit.ly/webserial or just http://wesewrimo.org. Thanks!

We also have banners/images for linking purposes! Use one of the below banners, or if you're a participant, visit our web badges pages for a wider variety of images.

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