WeSeWriMo 2010 - Winners' Wall of Fame:

As winners continue to be verified*, we're delighted to list those who reached their WeSeWriMo goals, in some cases even surpassing the original challenge! Congratulations to everyone who took part in this year's contest.

The WeSeWriMo 2010 Verified Winners (list in progress):

Abie and Rondo (by Piers Hollott) - 4 episodes

About Schuyler Falls (by Kira) - 30,000 words, 2 episodes completed & posted

AMNAR: The Inheritance (by Joely Black) -31 daily episodes

Arkady and Kain (by MCM) - 31 chapters

Chaos Fighters: Chemical Warriros-KIMIA (by Murazrai) - 30 daily episodes in August

Faces in the Mist (by Clare C. Marshall) - 8 episodes posted (2 episodes a week)

Fire and Water (by Gracie) - 12,000 words, 12 episodes written, 8 episodes posted

Footprints (by Michael) - 6 episodes written, 4 episiodes posted

Nox and Grimm (by Angie C.) - 8 episodes, written, edited & posted

One Day at a Time (by Dallas) - 4 episodes written

The Parcel View (by Vaughn) - 1 episode completed & 1 episode outline

Self-Inflicted (by Rachel Thorn) - 2 chapters

Slayer Academy (by Lee A. Chrimes) - 3 60-minute scripts

Tasakeru (by BHS) - 2 chapters, 10,000 pageviews by August 31st

Travels of Nillian the Writer (by Ben) - Updates 3x weekly; maintain background info

Trolls Serial (by Mari Juniper) - 6 episodes edited & ready to post

The UCF Stories (by Sam) - 3 chapters, 1 character backstory

Unforeseen Dives (by Aheïla) - 20 chapters (20,000 words) & outline new project

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* - Verified winners are those whose winning entries have been confirmed by our administrator.

Thanks to everyone who participated...
keep writing!